Saturday, June 29, 2013


Whoops! Forgot to post about my trip!

Our first stop was Granada, where we saw the Alhambra and the cathedral of Granada. 

Next we headed to Córdoba, where we visited the great mosque which is now a cathedral. To get to the   historical part of the city we had to walk across a GIGANTIC bridge in the scorching sun, 4 times. In on of the photos is me in the, "flower alley," a little walking street with barely any width at all.

Sevilla was my favorite city to visit. We were able to see the cathedral there, the tower of gold, and the plaza de España. 

Once in Portugal we stopped at a hotel that was full of people, but it was silent. Apparently Rotary found the ONE hotel that is basically a mausoleum. We went to the beach for a while, my first time in the Atlantic I think. Got up early the next morning and headed for Lisbon.
In Lisbon we spent 4 days, going to the Rotary International Convention 2 days. I met so many amazing people, got some great pins, and had bunches of fun. 

Our last stop was Salamanca. We had a 3 hour walking tour, then free time until dinner, then we went clubbing. We danced and had fun, some too much fun. But we all made it back to the hotel alive.

We drove the Madrid and I went out to eat with some friends, later to be picked up by Tanner's (exchange student who lives by me) host parents. Now I am calmly packing, doing last minute sightseeing and shopping, and trying to cherish my little ones for these last few days. See yall soon!

Thursday, June 13, 2013

Last day of school

Last day of P.E.
Last day of school! Took my only two finals and did quite well (I think). Gave all of my teachers and classmates their gifts. Got out at 1:30, at lunch, and started going through my pig-sty of a room. Have to finish packing to start my trip tomorrow, so excited! So proud of myself for finishing the school year. Expect a very long blog the 26th because I am not taking my computer on the trip.
Until then, Joslyn <3

Last day of sports uniform!
Other speaking group.
My neighbors who took me to school
everyday since January.
I filled mason jars with all of these goodies
for my teachers.
Made 3 different types of cookies
for my last day of school!

Picture with the boys

Speaking class.

Monday, May 27, 2013

Skype and School! (:

Had a great weekend! Got to skype Ryon, Aspen, Mom & Dad, and Taylor! Got off all of the skypes super happy, with tears of joy. Aspen is so precious and gown up- it tears me apart every time I see or hear her. (Crying now) Ryon is just as sweet as ever. My second dad who was able to give me the baby girl I've always wanted. He's always supported me and I appreciate that so much! Actually got to see me Daddy for the first time in forever as he is always working when Mom and I normally do skype. Talked to him about how everyone is, what the boys do in his shop, how he can't be separated from my iPad, and small talk in general (he's not one for long conversations when they aren't in person). I love that big hairy bear and I miss him (and his Harley) so much. Talked to Momma about school, sadness, excitement, family members, and the technicalities of my return (plane ticket, luggage, day I get home). A skype with my Tay-foo will always be eventful. She let me know about all of the West drama (and serious scares). We planned out my first day home although we both know it's gonna go how it goes- that's not really something that can be planned out. We made tentative plans to make a beach trip this summer and just live it up! She has been such an amazing support for me.

Today, I had a regular day at school and now I'm at my house working on homework. I have to do a paper and power point about Francisco Franco (the old Spanish dictator)- for history, a paper about Islam- History of religions, and a power point about human rights- Ethics. Not too worried about all of the homework because I only have 2 more regular weeks of school then 3 days of review and 1 of finals. I leave on the 2nd day of finals so I'm only doing the first one! (Go me) 

Downstairs in my host mom's art studio I have all of my gifts laid out on 2 tables in 5 piles- Me, Aspen, Family, Friends, and Miscellaneous. Don't think anything bad- my pile is basically gifts that other people gave me and/or and jewelry. 

Wednesday, May 22, 2013

Making friends....the unexpected ones.

The other day while walking to church on Saturday night I stopped to ask a woman if I could pet her dog. She of course said yes, then asked my name. When I told her, she automatically switch into English- full Californian English. Her name is Virginia and has lived in Spain for around 45 years. I spent a long time talking with her about my exchange and things. (All the while she was yelling at me because it was very cold out and I was wearing flip-flops.) She gave me her phone number and I continued my walk. I arrived at the church about 5 minutes before my host mom was coming to pick me up, so I was definitely not going to disturb the almost-over-mass, then turn around and leave. Right when my host mom pulled up, Virginia came the other way and said, "Come here, I made you some American meatloaf....ok it's only American because I put BBQ sauce on it. Put some shoes on!"
         Today, 3 days later, I called her up during my lunch break. Of course I had my own lunch packed, but she offered something much more delicious- enchiladas. We ate and chatted about her spanish husband her 5 children. She told me all about her studies in college- majoring in Spanish- then about her coming to live in Spain. I feel like she's the grandma I'm very much in need of, as now I don't have any in Spain. She's not like any of my grandmas in Oregon- all three very different, very loving, and now very important to me.
         So if you only really hear one thing from this story, hear that anyone and everyone is looking for friendship. If you stop and take the time, give an ear, you can make someone very happy and, in turn, create happiness for yourself.

Wednesday, May 15, 2013

It's all downhill from here!

So I have less than 2 months until I am IN OREGON! At last I decided to stay home, instead of going to Hawaii or somewhere else. I arrive home around 3 in the morning on the 4th of July. Couldn't be a better date. I will be ready for the barbecue, the fireworks, and dressing in red, white and blue. I may sleep all day, but Ill be up ALL NIGHT looking for all of my friends and family to tackle! You can't imagine how excited I am. I leave school the 13th which means I have less than a month of school left, then I go on a trip to the south of Spain and to Portugal, I come back to my host house, then have one more week to pack! Right now I am putting the final touches on all of my schoolwork: translating all of my class summaries for my school in Oregon and trying to get all of my grades, "in order." Every time I think about soming home I freak out! I love you guys!

Thursday, May 9, 2013

Tale of the beach and grandma...

So I went to the beach last Sunday night and stayed until Friday afternoon. It was only nice about 2 days- so those days we were at the beach. The rest of the time we were either taking walks, shopping, eating, sleeping, or seeing Mario or Marta's family. While at the beach I collected a whole bunch of pretty shells. Of course, then my siblings were doing it too, and OF COURSE, they wanted all of mine. But hey, there were enough shells for all of us :) One day we ate out at a seafood restaurant and I actually tried (almost) everything! I ate some sort of thing in a shell, some fried fish, a red pepper salad, and some sardines(didn't like those). The only thing I didn't try were the calamaris because I already know I do NOT like them. Later I went into the city center with the step-daughter of Marta's brother. She is 20 but is soooo much tinier than me, not fair. She showed me the town, we did some window shopping, and later had some ice cream. The backseat in the car is really not big enough for 2 carseats and a Bryant booty, so the car ride was tough. Now back in school with a Biology test tomorrow.

About 4 days ago my only grandma (mom of my host dad) fell. Mario and his dad are both so upset because it happened so quickly. The doctors are sure she won't open her eyes again. This afternoon she passed away. It was seriously so fast- I mean she was HERE at our house, laughing and doing the laundry Sunday. The next few weeks, I imagine, will be very tense and sad. I'm a little worried about Mario's dad because his mom was really the one who said what was what. Please pray for him and for my host dad, Mario.

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